About us


Great art inspires great artists.

Boxurkicks is a company inspired by the explosive growth of sneaker head culture in recent decades. The reverence and dedication of shoe lovers everywhere is contagious and have opened our eyes to the world of shoe fandom. The process of designing and building a giant shoe box is an art form and the end product is a artwork that we hope to be fitting for the masterpieces they house within.

 Boxurkicks started as a garage DIY project to cater to a market we felt was sorely in need of creativity. The garage operation would morph into the smoothly running operation of today. From meme's of being extra, to real people sharing their extreme passion for sneakers, the brands, and the art. We turned our "dream" into a business that caters to sneaker heads and shoe lover everywhere. 

 Everything is custom made in our warehouse based out of NYC, all of our products are crafted on a made to order basis. Print customization are not limited to the designs listed on the website, if you are interested in placing a custom design you do not see available on our website, please contact our design team. boxurkicks@gmail.com.